eProject4 - Engineering Projects



We design and build special machines according to your needs and requirements. In collaboration with our network of suppliers we have the capacity to carry out mechanical, electrical and electro-pneumatic assemblies, manufacture of single parts, special prototypes and small series.

Our collaborating centres have the most modern means and technologies in industrial/mechanical manufacturing, such as machining centres, laser cutting, EDM, metrology equipment, welding, etc.

We integrate safety in the machines and tools that we design in accordance with current legislation established in European Directives, including the EC branding that entails fulfilling safety and health requirements.

Based on a team effort with our customers, we begin the creation and product innovation process with the specific criteria defined by our customers, then the phases of concept, prototyping, and the creation of a real model and the study of industrialization of the final product.

Main parts:

    • Aesthetic.
    • Specifications
    • Ergonomics.
    • Regulations.
    • Manufacturing methodology.
    • Industrialization.
    • Assembly, production.
    • Safety.
    • Packaging and handling.
    • Documentation.

We design, develop and automate all types of mechanical components, using the most advanced CAD solutions.

Mechanical Engineering
Design of mechanical systems, basically oriented machinery, specializing in linear motion systems, rigid and semi-rigid structures, calculations required in resistance by means of FEM analysis by finite elements, dynamic simulation, fatigue analysis, etc.

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We equip your company with improvements to make your products be even more competitive in the market, identifying opportunities for improvement and finding solutions that are innovative and viable.

In the design, the product has to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed, in addition to an aesthetic that connects to the market to which it is intended. The competitive pressures, cost challenges and higher expectations of customers define the road to take to be better every day to benefit your company.

In the industrial engineering process we analyse processes, supply chain, operations, ergonomics, quality and reengineering.

In addition to providing functional and product design criteria, we also consider other equally important aspects such as manufacturability, assembly processes, strength and subsequent industrialization.

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We offer a service for designing and processing or mechanical retrofitting, electrical/electronics, software, or a combination of all, in order to seek an improvement in the conditions of the machine, eliminating or reducing problems due to their activity, maintaining the initial concept of the machine or making improvements in the original features.

During this process we offer studies in feasibility, investment returns and final costs of the transformation.

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We offer the secondment of our knowledge/services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Outsourcing of engineering services generating new projects, consulting, project management, maintenance of documents, redesigns, modifications, upgrades or adaptation to regulations.

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eProject4   develops cells for automated machining, polishing, deburring as well as assembly, handling and packaging. A study of the processes and products of the customer is included in the development of these cells to find the best solution.

After an initial phase of study and analysis of the solution together with our customers, once the cell is installed, we provide training and an experienced post-sales service.

We work closely with the leading robotic, automation and software brands to create the best solution.

Our experience in CNC machining centres and machining all kinds of non-ferrous materials allows us to guarantee the best solution for each case. Correctly sizing cells, engine machining, tools, software and machining strategies.

eProject4   works with CAD/CAM software from top brands for its robotic machined cells. The CAD/CAM environment enables retrieving any 3D format and generating machining strategies controlling collisions through a real simulation of the planned trajectories, easily and graphically correcting paths and robot and tool directions.

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Automation design for any type of system.
We have experience in the design, development, installation and implementation of automation to improve production processes in any industry.

Design and manufacture of electrical control and operation panels, PLC integration from various brands, PLC programming (B&R, Siemens, Omron, Allen Bradley), process control systems (Scara) HMI environments, industrial software, software development for industrial processes.

Engineering focused on energy efficiency.
All our designs have this energy savings as a basic concept.

Electrical and electronic projects: SCADA, process control. Design and manufacture of electronic circuits, controllers, design and assembly of electrical panels.

Robotization: Machining cells, palletizing, handling, assembly, shot blasting, automatic shaft exchange, injector unloading.
CAD/CAM: Consulting, CAD/CAM advising, creation of postprocessors.

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