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RobMill 200

ROBMILL solutions group together maximum machining capacity in a minimum space, offering considerable flexibility and fast machining.

ROBMILL, in its standard configuration, is a machining solution based on a turntable and a high performance robot. Its monoblock structure allows the assembly to have high rigidity and stability. This central control integrates a CNC that makes it a completely innovative solution that has far superior features than what is offered in this type of format. The solution is configurable and can be adapted to different market solutions; all kinds of machining, deburring, cutting, polishing, etc.



  • Full control of all axes (6 from the robot + rotary axis) in real time on the same platform (B&R), improving interpolation and real speed control at the tool’s point.
  • Interpretation of ISO-G code, which allows a connection with any CAD-CAM on the market.
  • Easy and intuitive touch-screen interface for the user.
  • Ethernet connection.
  • Modem connection option.

_MG_7376r  _MG_7424r  _MG_7408r

Safety closure

  • Two configurations available.
  • Insulated and soundproof safety enclosure with an access safety system that follows EC regulations.
  • Safety enclosure by means of perimeter fence.
  • All security and control elements are always incorporated for proper compliance with existing safety standards.